Team Oriented

We work closely and on-going with the client from inception to delivery of "their" project, not just our deliverable. Our role starts at the conception of the project and our work product contemplates all partners in the project; that includes the investors, lenders, architect, property managers, and marketing. As a member of the team, MRC remains fully available and engaged during the life cycle of the project.

Professional, Objective, and Solution Driven

MRC is known for remaining objective in all findings positive or negative. Our clients trust that if a projects' risk platform is too great, we will provide an honest appraisal of the situation. They also know that we are solution driven and that in most negative situations, we will isolate and solve the challenges or concerns found. Our job is to underwrite the success of the project or investment with clear and objective intelligence that the client can depend on in their critical decisions and planning.

Smart Consulting: Conservative Fundamentals With Out-of-Box Thinking

MRC adheres to strict fundamentals and metrics in our work product. New development, acquistion, and product Innovation is an exiting exercise that ultimately comes back down to earth to be underwritten to the investors and lenders risk averse approval. MRC understands that and we thrive on new challenges that require new metrics and intelligence to get that done. MRC has been on the forefront in the conceptualization of new multifamily product since our inception. From lifestyle oriented community amenities, to attached garages, to Texas Wrap, and now SFRC; MRC is the unique and out-of-the box innovator in this space.

Fair and Cost Effective Pricing With a Long Term Relationship In Mind

MRC understands the value of the dollar from both sides of the table. Our business model focuses on long term and multiple project relationships. The foundation for that in delivering high quality work product at fair client pricing. We have found that a relationship built on that foundation leads to more business for the client and MRC.

Connected to the Best In the Industry

MRC is well known in the industry. Over the years we have created relationships with the best in the business at every skill set. We always avail our clients to the best and brightest providers, knowledge base and experience we have to offer through MRC and our relationships.

Small Company Expertise

At MRC, we are highly experienced in working with all sizes of development & investment companies. Given our vast experience in every phase of development and residential product type, we offer a unique knowledge base and skill set that can complement and support our clients needs.