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Profits are maximized by smart execution. Risk is mitigated by marginalizing exposure. Both depend on market intelligence & expertise.

MRC is a respected leader in Multifamily, Single-Family, Mixed Use, and Retail - Market Feasibility, and Development Consulting.  Over the past 30 years, MRC has earned a solid reputation for a core competency in multifamily and residential real estate.  While MRC focuses on solid fundamentals supported by our broad foundation of knowledge and experience; we are well known for our innovation and out-of-the-box thinking.   MRC's spirit of innovation has led the growth and the transformation of the multifamily industry by recognizing early stage market opportunity well ahead of the competition.   As a result, MRC's fingerprint is found on many new market inceptions, market revitalizations, and product innovations including the growth of the urban and Wrap product.   And today, MRC not only created the next new product and market opportunity, MRC is the sole expert in the market it created, which is the SFRC - Single Family Rental Community.   


Over the last 30 years, MRC has build a reputation as one of the most trusted sources for market intelligence and development consulting.

MRC's portfolio of work includes over 750 unique projects, with an estimated portfolio value of over $18 billion dollars.


U.S, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean

MRC has operated in 49 of the 50 U.S. states including all major metro markets, as well as a deep portfolio of secondary and tertiary markets.


Land Development, Multifamily, and Condominium development experience

Our clients benefit from an expertise that is deeper than research. Our hands on development experience enables us to understand a project from both a marketplace, and a developer execution perspective.


ULI (Urban Land Institute; Multifamily Council, NAHB, NAA

MRC is recognized for its expertise by the leading industry organizations, including ULI, NMHC and NAHB. MRC's founder, Bill Watts, is a faculty member for ULI in their Multifamily Development, Market Feasibility, and Finance programs. In addition, Bill is an active speaker for NMHC, NAHB, NAA, and other organizations.


Garden . Wrap . Mid Rise . High Rise . Townhome . Live/Work . Micro

All product classes:

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Garden . Mid-Rise . High-Rise

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For Sale . SFRC (Single Family Rental Community)

Master-plan and Builder Choice


Retail, Restaurant, Office

Solid Professionalism and Integrity

Team Oriented

We work closely and on-going with the client from inception to delivery of "their" project, not just our deliverable. Our role starts at the conception of the project and our work product contemplates all partners in the project; that includes the investors, lenders, architect, property managers, and marketing. As a member of the team, MRC remains fully available and engaged during the life cycle of the project.

Professional, Objective, and Solution Driven

MRC is known for remaining objective in all findings positive or negative. Our clients trust that if a projects' risk platform is too great, we will provide an honest appraisal of the situation. They also know that we are solution driven and that in most negative situations, we will isolate and solve the challenges or concerns found. Our job is to underwrite the success of the project or investment with clear and objective intelligence that the client can depend on in their critical decisions and planning.

Smart Consulting: Conservative Fundamentals With Out-of-Box Thinking

MRC adheres to strict fundamentals and metrics in our work product. New development, acquistion, and product Innovation is an exiting exercise that ultimately comes back down to earth to be underwritten to the investors and lenders risk averse approval. MRC understands that and we thrive on new challenges that require new metrics and intelligence to get that done. MRC has been on the forefront in the conceptualization of new multifamily product since our inception. From lifestyle oriented community amenities, to attached garages, to Texas Wrap, and now SFRC; MRC is the unique and out-of-the box innovator in this space.

Fair and Cost Effective Pricing With a Long Term Relationship In Mind

MRC understands the value of the dollar from both sides of the table. Our business model focuses on long term and multiple project relationships. The foundation for that in delivering high quality work product at fair client pricing. We have found that a relationship built on that foundation leads to more business for the client and MRC.

Connected to the Best In the Industry

MRC is well known in the industry. Over the years we have created relationships with the best in the business at every skill set. We always avail our clients to the best and brightest providers, knowledge base and experience we have to offer through MRC and our relationships.

Small Company Expertise

At MRC, we are highly experienced in working with all sizes of development & investment companies. Given our vast experience in every phase of development and residential product type, we offer a unique knowledge base and skill set that can complement and support our clients needs.



MRC is the leader in Market Feasibility for Multifamily and residential projects. Our reports are unique in that they were designed for the clients entire project team. That team includes the developer/owner, the marketing group, the management group, architect, investor, and lender. Our reports support all areas of the project planning and due diligence process.

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MRC is an accredited provider for HUD lenders and has submitted work product for multiple markets and HUD regions across the county. In addition, MRC works with many lenders including Prudential, Wells Fargo, JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle), and Oppenheimer to name a few.

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MRC has a vast skill set that can evaluate and support any need that the client may encounter. A partial list of those services that MRC performs on a regular basis are attached. Additionally, as an out of the box thinking company, MRC is engaged regularly to address new questions and challenges that require new ways to effectively execute the assignment.

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MRC has the expertise to assist a developer/owner in many areas of development and acquisition/disposition. We have been through all phases of the development, acquisition and disposition process. We have navigated challenging entitlements, complex financial underwriting, construction execution, operations, and disposition. Our skills allow us to support our clients in unique case-by-case situations.



Our experience has taught us that Investors and Lenders have different motivations than the developer or owner when it comes to feasibility. In some cases, MRC is the preferred Market Feasibility provider referred to developers by our lender/investor clients. In other situations, MRC is hired to evaluate and/or validate a developer submitted market report and assumptions. In addition, MRC also has the experience, skill set and resources to perform a detailed review of under-performing assets from both the operating and market perspective.

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MRC has worked with the best architects, engineers, property management and marketing firms throughout the nation. To help our clients manage their team assembly, MRC is always ready to provide the appropriate short list provider recommendations.

MRC has deep experience in all sectors and product levels.

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